Mistic - Bazalt antracit cobblestone

The word basalt first appeared in a German etymological dictionary in the 18th century, and it is derived from the Greek, meaning “touchstone”. The basalt is a fine- grained, highly solid magmatic rock, also called as extrusive igneous (volcanic) rock, poor in silica. It is the mixture of iron and magnesium silica, in which olivine (greenish colour), pyroxene and plagioclase minerals can be found. The basalt is a volcanic rock formed by the rapid cooling of runny basaltic lava, making large basalt flows. It is the largest consistent rock of the ocean floor, and it is common on the continents, too. The basalt is usually from dark grey to antracite and black in colour. Its most spectacular occurence is the regular columnar one, in polygonal patterns of 3 to 9 sides, formed by deep vertical fractions under contractional forces of the relatively rapidly cooling lava flows. Just like andesite, the basalt has perfect physical properties, that is why its frost-resistant, abrasion-resistant, non-skidding features make it excellent interior and exterior natural paving stone. The trimmed blocks can be used as cobblestones to pave streets and walkways, the cut-to-size slabs are elegant veneer for balconies, steps, sidewalks, cellar entrances.
Mistic - Bazalt antracit cobblestone: The basalt is a volcanic rock with high resistance, and just like the andesite, it has excellent physical properties, its non-skidding, abrasion-and frost-resistance make it a quality exterior natural paving stone. Its colour can vary from dark grey to the nuances of the anthracite, according to the quantity of the minerals in it. As the basalt is formed by the quick cooling of the lava reaching the surface, the crystals in it can be very small, often detectable only with a microscope. As carved cobblestone we recommend it for paving public squares, roads and walkways.
Basalt cobblestone:

  1. 9-11 x 9-11 cm

Basalt curbstone:

  1. 15 x 20-25 x varying length
  2. 12 x 20-25 x varying length
Mistic - Bazalt antracit cobblestone