General description:

Their function is to increase the resistance of the natural stones (limestone, sandstone, gneiss, lime-and volcanic tufa, quarzite, marble) and manufactured stones, bricks, concrete, plaster against moisture, while keeping their natural water content. After using the water-repellent impregnator the pores of the stone remain free, at the same time they become resistant against UV radiation and the weather’s vicissitudes. Our natural paving stones can have lasting protection if impregnated every 3-5 year or when needed, this way these will keep their original colour, texture.

Before using the impregnator clean the surface thoroughly, and wait until it dries. The impregnators cannot be used if the surface is hot (in the full glare of the sun). In this case treat the stone in the morning or at sunset, when the temperature is lower outside.

When the paving is new, make sure it is completely dry.