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We invite You to have a look at our varied offer of natural paving stones, and discover their uniqueness, multicoloured beauty and richness. Take into consideration that the photos of the natural stones available are informative, as exploited from the same quarry at different times, these can show significant alterations in colour.

Thank You for your understanding!

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polygonal natural stone for interior and exterior wall cladding, paving terraces, steps, walkways, stone walls.

dimensional natural paving stones for both exterior and interior uses, perfect for terraces, patios, steps, plinths and stone walls of high standard.

This natural paving stone makes the interior and exterior wall claddings unique with its varied surfaces and spectrum.

cobblestones and boards from andesite and basalt used as veneer for driveways, walkways, public domains, yards, garages.

The ornamental stones, gravels and rubbles are elegant decorating components of yards and living spaces.